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About Al-Qafila

(Al-Qafila) has historically referred to a group of people who travel together for trading and to make certain that the group crosses the desert safely.

(Al-Qafila) in old Arabic language has been taken from the verb "Qafala قَفَلَ ", which means locking things on, and used for traveling as they would lock together all of the travelers and the luggage for protection.


Caravans and cultures

Two sides of the same coin


Convoys were the only, and most important, cultural communication channels used in ancient times. Through convoys, language, music, literature - and even traditions and ethics - were exchanged between cultures. These exchanges took place in person, through active traveling and meeting. 

Convoys were the only channel between leaders to exchange gifts and communicate for reconciliation. Convoys brought silk from India and China to Europe and were the primary way in which Arabic poetry was exposed to people living in Europe. 

More recently, the Amaan Choir decided to commit to traveling annually to create something that echoed the origins of Al Qafila - not with camels and horses - but through music, with an emphasis on the value of face-to-face interactions rather than virtual. 

Amaan Choir's convoy commits to an exchanging of music and handicrafts to represent the ancient traditions of convoys.


The Program objectives:


  • To transfer the oriental culture through music and the arts. 

  • To promote the cultural and historic sites of oriental countries"Basically the middle eastern) in Europe.

  • To highlight the cultures, history, and traditions of Arabic countries in the time, when the majority of the media highlights the only conflict in these countries.​

  • To focus on music communication, where the group of singers and musicians will exchange their music with others in visiting countries, to enrich their musical background and to create a new touristic purpose which is music communication.


Al-Qafila  procedures:


  • The Al-Qafila Board announces the program of the year 8-10 months in advance.

  • The programs are always created to a cultural theme (e.g. history of Arabic-speaking areas, humanitarian aims).

  • In the announcement it will be clear which partner groups and institutions are working with Al-Qafila for the coming program and year, as well as the cultural experts, who will help participants to build the concert programs. 

  • All musicians are welcome to submit an application to participate before the deadline.

  • The application will pass through three stages:

                1. The administration department for Al-Qafila will check all of the applications                       and withdraw the uncompleted ones.

                2. The experts will check the applications and the submitted artistic material in                       order to give the second approval.

                3. The online appointment will be scheduled for the applicant with one of the                         experts.


  • After the three phases, the Al-Qafila Board will announce the participants for the new coming program. Al-Qafila is not only music.

  • We also welcome applications from other artistic mediums.

  • All applications will be checked - although they are not guaranteed to be accepted, depending on the program. But in Al-Qafila we always think openly and welcome new ideas.

  • The cost of Al-Qafila will be handled by the participants themselves with Al-Qafila sponsors. The cost for each year differs, depending on the programs.

  • Participants should begin preparing for a program they have been accepted onto before they arrive. They will be provided with materials, such as videos and music sheets to prepare for the concerts.

  • The program begins in a city in Europe, where all experts and participants arrive and participate in a workshop for 5/6 days.

  • After the workshop, Al-Qafila participants will perform once in the city where they first met, and then begin to tour in the surrounding areas.

  • At the end of Al-Qafila, all participants will receive a certificate signed by the Al-Qafila board, to demonstrate that they took part in the program.


Previous Qafilas: 


Upcoming Qafilas : 

  • Al-Qafila 5: Prometheus  "Germany, Greece and Giorgia" - 2020

  • Al-Qafila 6: Rumi  "Germany, Belgium, France and Spain" - 2020

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