Tuitions and payment policy


we would love to clarify things even better. Al-Qafila is a non-profit organization. Which means, we don’t gain profit and we are not making Business from this project. We take tuition from our participants, which help us to book their workshops, accommodations, Meals, activities, administration, and organization.
In case we got any profits, these profits will be transferred for the next Qafila, to improve the whole project and NOT TO BENEFIT THE BOARD OF AL-QAFILA
Al-Qafila mainboard is taking a fix minimum amount for each member as compensation for their time. The Qafila has its Board, which discuss carefully all the issues and plan for the future as well. You can see check the mainboard here:
Regarding the 2019 Tuition,

In Al-Qafila 2019, we are focusing on the semi-professional artists or Professional, although we do not mind to give the new artists the opportunities to join and develop skills.
For this reason, our Jury is checking the participant's applications carefully, decide, and try to classify each participant into categories. The final tuition will be depending on this category.

The tuitions for Al-Qafila 2019 will be between 540 Euro and 990 Euro (depends on the type of art and the level of the participant).


What do the tuitions include?

Your tuition will cover up all your basic expenses from your arrival to our accommodation House in Germany (Address will be sent for participants in their invitations) until we finish our Qafila in Iceland. The coverage includes ( accommodation as a group, internal transportation between the cities for all activities related to Al-Qafila – Mostly 2 daily males cooked by our members unless if the group is traveling then only breakfast will be provided, the workshop fees). in addition, it includes sending you the invitation which allowed you to apply for a visa, Job holiday, school holiday, etc.

We also do communicate with the embassies with our partner to support your case as much as we can but please keep in mind: It is on your won to organize your visa and apply to the visa in the right way. Most of our participants get the visa if they provided the right documents with our partners supporting letters. 

As well each participant will get an official certificate signed by Al-Qafila Ambassador, AlQafila director, Al_Qafila experts, as well as our partners from Conservatories and music associations. MAKE SURE NOT TO FORGET GETING THIS CERTIFICAT. It will push your career much better when applying for international jobs in music

And what is not included?

Any additional costs, which are not mentioned above (visa fees, international flights from your country to our country, additional food, airport transportation, etc.)


In addition:

• Participations from  previous  Qafila will get financial support up to 5%
• Participants who live in Berlin will have to pay less since they don’t need to be accommodated.
• We can book the whole flight tickets for the participants with extra fees. All flights will be booked with economy airlines friends ( Ryanair, EasyJet, Wizzair, etc.). All these bookings will have special regulations and we will send them to all participants who would prefer that.
How to pay?

After accepting you in our project, you will be contacted by our finance department and all the details will be explained carefully. However, in summary, you can pay your tuition at once or you have the choice to split them into 8 installments. In this case, no additional fees will be taken. The whole idea was to help students and employees.


Cancelations and refund policy

Each participant will have an account in Al-Qafila. Which means, our finance department will collect his fees and pay them for his accommodation and internal transportation, In case of cancelation, Al-Qafila will no longer refund any amount, except in the case of the Compelling circumstances.
However, in all cases, there will be administration fees which will be deducted between 10 and 25 % from the fees for administration proposes. And the refund will only include the money which was not used by Al-Qafila for any payment or reservation. 


Finally, Al-Qafila gives itself the right to make an additional Call before the real starting of Al-Qafila tour one month. In this call, the team will try to search for new participants who can take the place of the withdrown partecipants.