The regional workshops

In 2019, Al-Qafila will start some regional workshops. In these workshops, some of Al-Qafila experts will visit the countries where we are going to perform and will be offering some free practicing for the local residents who aim to perform with us in one of our concerts. Some of the workshops will happen in twice ( Before and during the project) and the others will be only during Al-Qafila time ( 2nd till 14th September). 


The workshops will be : 


Before Al-Qafila


1- Workshop (1) - Germany

The expert: Rebal Alkhodari (singer, composer and choir conductor)

Where: BTMK ( The Turkish conservatory in Berlin) 

When: July 2019 ( One weekend TBC)



2- Workshop (1) - Iceland

The expert: Rebal Alkhodari (singer, composer and choir conductor)

Where: The Icelandic conservatory in Reykjavik 

When: July 2019 ( One weekend TBC)





During Al-Qafila travel: 


1- Workshop (2) - Germany

The experts; Rebal Alkhodari, Tarek Aljundi, Mischa Tangian. 


Where: Brandenburg an der Havel ( 40 mins from Berlin) 

When: from 2 till 7thSeptemberr 2019


2- Workshop (2) - Sweden 

The experts; Rebal Alkhodari, Tarek Aljundi

Where: The Academy of Music and Drama 

When: 12th September 2019


3- Workshop (2) - Iceland

The experts; Rebal Alkhodari, Tarek Aljundi, Gunnar Gunnarsson

Special Guest: Asgeir Asgeirsson 

Where: The music Jazz conservatory in Reykjavik 

When: from 13 and 14th September 2019


Another workshop will happen as well, but they will be announced later. 





  • Workshops are free of charge. 

  • The participants will handle his cost regarding any needed accommodation

  • Participants in the workshop will have the chance to perform in one concert later. 

  • Participants need to be in both workshops in Berlin in case they want to perform. 

  •  All participants need to send email to and they will get the form to submit there request. 

  • Berlin participants have the chance to participate in Sweden and Iceland If they will cover there travel expenses). 

  • Al-Qafila will be directing the participants to improve their musical skills during the workshop.






Please Submit your request and which workshops you would like to join to 







You can read more about the director of Al-Qafila here 

Main Expert

You can read more about our permanent expert the great composer&Oud player Here.  

Perminant Expert

To know more about our guest Expert the German violinist and composer Misha Tangian, read here

Guest expert

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