When can we apply? 


The main call: 12. Dec. 2018 (Primary participants).

In this period, we will be receiving the application due to the 31st of Dec. at 23.59 pm (German time). Yes. It will be early enough for you to start organizing your time for the next year. You can inform your Job or colleague college about the travel traveling from now, so they can confirm approve that easily. You can also start to planning plan to get your international flight ticket to join Al-Qafila at the cheapest cost, as long as you are booking early enough ( We can help by that as usual).

Another additional benefit, you can apply to get fund from any fund association. You have 9 months. That should be enough, to give you the chance to find the fund and apply. Definitely, we will provide you by the invitation, which you can use it for the funds and more.




Additional calls: 

Al-Qafila gives itself the rights to make an additional call in case of getting more funds. But until now there is nothing to announce.