Do you want a scholarship? GO AHEAD AND APPLY :APPLY:



As you know, Al Qafila, is a project, which has little funds and we are not always able to help regarding the financial matter. However, since we were found for artists and we understand that it could be hard to pay the tuition fees. In addition, we understand that the main reason for your need of a scholarship could be living in a country that has the least developed economy CHECK HERE. In addition that, we take the poverty percentage of the country into consideration, (see the list).


However, the applicant needs to describe why he is asking for this scholarship. In case he gets accepted in Al-Qafila, the Jury will check his scholarship application and give an feedback to decide about it. The applicant will get the decision about his scholarship within 2 weeks from the call deadline.




After that, If you still feel that you deserve to get a scholarship or a better amount, you can appeal to the finance department at In this time, Participant will be asked to check about his economy level. The decision at this stage will be the finale.



Additional scholarships and grants


In case, you were not accepted to get some help from our Jury, or you got very little help, then you still have a chance to get one from some cultural associations in the whole world. Especially, that you have enough time to apply. You have 9 months to find your grant.


After you are accepted, we will send you a confirmation letter to inform you officially about your acceptances and your participation. You can use this document to apply to different associations who are concerned in this particular kind of funding. We will send you some links so you can check. 

check them and apply one or more. Keep in mind, the more connected in your field of Art, the more you get chances to get funds.