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Leo Africanus

A man from two worlds
From Germany to Iceland 
Starting from 1st till 14.September 2019

The cultural concept

The artistic concept for 2019 will focus on the life of Leo Africanus (Andalusian Diplomatic and explorer geographer C. 1488 - 1558.) His life was very complex and challenging. The man who wrote one of the most famous Books in the 15th Century "Description of Africa",  passed through unsteady stages in his life. 

Leo was born in Andalusia at the end of the Arabic state. during his childhood, he was forced to leave his country with his family. Later on, he traveled to many different countries. But the biggest turning point in his life came when he was caught by the European pirates during one of his travels. After the Pirates sold him as a slave to the Pope "Leo X" in Rome. Leo began to learn the Italian language and in doing so he impressed the Pope who decided to grant him freedom. Consequently, he changed his name from Abu Al Hassan Al Wazzan to "Leo Africanus." 

We in Al-Qafila 2019 will focus artistically on his travel to create a musical sound for this life. Under the supervision of Al-Qafila director, the artists will build their music, arts, and creation to present his story and connect it with aspects of contemporary life. 

The concert will be developed during 2019 and will be presented in 3 different venues between Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. 

Check more about the project and concert here



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