Warm Frost 

The journey of Life 2
From Germany to Iceland 
28 Aug till 10.Sept.

Why is it the warm Frost?


These cold countries have the best laws to protect human rights, especially, when It comes to refugees who escaped from wars. Although these countries are considered as some of the coldest counties in the world, we would still find warm there !!
In 2016,  825,175 refugees asked for asylum in the Scandinavian countries and most of them were accepted (Read here). After a long trip of suffering, they were able to find their warm house in the coldest countries ever!!!
The founder and artistic director of Al-qafila “Rebal Alkhodari” decided to let Al-qafila land in some of the Scandinavian countries in 2019, after a long workshop with great experts.   “ In my travels, I found many cultural projects were created by the Scandinavian countries to support the cultural exchange. I met many Iskandanafian and German musicians, who are willing to taste new different types of music … So, I thought, why wouldn’t we take Al-Qafila there next year? “Rebal Says.
As usual, Al-Qafila will invite all artists, who are down to explore different styles of music and different countries as well, to make their yearly vacation. YES !! Why not? Use your annual vacation to meet new people, develop your music and give yourselfone of the best caravans ever. And for sure to fit with our main goal: ORIENT MEETS ACCIDENT 
In this Qafila, you are not a tourist !! You are an artist tourist. Which means that being in the best hotels and eating in 5 stars restaurants wouldn't be your first goal while traveling just like other people
But, you will be much glad to meet other artists from different cultures and learn something new from some Fabulous experts!  


Why starting from Germany?  


Basically, because Germany considered as one of the most welcoming countries for refugees in 2016 in the EU Refugees found open doors there. Not to mention that the German culture is one of the most reaching in Europe and we never get bored of having it as our start point every time  In all the past years, Germany was one of our main destinations in Europe and I believe we will keep doing that.


So .. What would be the difference in Al-Qafila 2019?


For the first time, We are going to open the calls for all artists all over the world. In 2018, we did the same thing but only in Arabic Arab countries. We received 176 Applications to study !! study!! That was an impressive number. But At the end, we only chose 30 persons.

As well also,  we are going to open the call from  14th Dec. until 31.Dec. And the second one will be on 12  until 30 April 2019.


now, before applying check these and get excited more !!


- The calls

- Who can apply?

- How can I apply?

- Scholarships and Grants

- Al-Qafila experts 2019

- And after accepting?

- During Al-Qafila 2019

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