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Humankind's best friend

Deadline for Applications extended until February 15th 2020.

First Qafila in 2020;

May 21st- 31th

Germany, Greece, and Georgia.


The myth


The story of Prometheus holds a special place in Greek mythology and in the popular imagination. This son of a Titan is regarded as one of the great benefactors of humankind, the bringer of fire and the original teacher of technology and the useful arts to the humankind.

The great love he had for humans often brought Prometheus into a dangerous conflict with Zeus, the mighty and cruel chief of the Olympian gods. The meaning of the name Prometheus, Forethought, signifies the intellectual qualities of his many-sided characters. According to some accounts, Prometheus is even credited with the creation of the male of the human species.


Prometheus was born to the Titan Lapetus and the nymph Clymene. Although Prometheus was the son of a Titan and supposedly allied to them, he had helped Zeus to gain victory in the War of the Titans, the celebrated "Titanomachy", that was the fight between the Titans led by Kronos, the father of Zeus, and the Olympian gods. The war resulted in Zeus dethroning his father and establishing his reign as the chief god on Mount Olympus.

Prometheus is also said to have helped in the birth of the goddess Athena, by keeping open the head of Zeus as a fully-formed Athena issued out of the gaping hole in her father's head. The relations went well between Zeus and Prometheus in the beginning. However, as men on the Earth multiplied and prospered, aided by Prometheus who had given them fire and many beneficial arts, Zeus became concerned about their growing power.

The anger of Zeus against mankind, and their helper Prometheus, was first aroused when the latter duped the chief god into choosing the worst part of a sacrificial bull. Prometheus wrapped the bones of the slain bull in fat while he covered the best part, the flesh, with the intestines. Zeus unknowingly chose the fat-covered heap of bones, while the flesh wrapped in the intestines was given to hungry men by their patron Prometheus.

Zeus decided to punish once and for all, Prometheus, who had made foul of the chief of the Gods. He had Prometheus chained onto a rock on Mount Caucasus for eternity and put him to relentless torture by having a vicious eagle feed on his liver. The liver would grow up again at night so that the eagle could happily eat it again the next day.

This endless pain was the punishment of Prometheus for having helped mankind. His screams were full of pain and despair. Even the gods in far away Olympus could hear them and Zeus was happy because this was also a warning for his enemies. According to some versions of the legend, the liver of Prometheus would have been the daily meal of the aforementioned eagle till the end of time, if the great hero Hercules hadn't killed the eagle and hadn't released Prometheus from his torment.

The cultural concept

For 2020, Al-Qafila is raising the slogan "Humanity first".   We strongly believe that no religion nor faith was ever meant to cause and do harm to others just like Prometheus believed.  Al-Qafila team will lead a journey starting from Germany and ending in Tbilisi, Georgia, with musical pieces from the different regions of the Middle East and North Africa, Germany, Greece, Georgia and more.  

Prometheus 2020 Qafila will delightfully have a performance in Georgia in cooperation with local partners there and with the participation of Georgian Experts in one of the most important theaters in Georgia. Details will be announced to accepted participants in the following months. 

Prometheus Qafila experts 

Al-Qafila will ensure the presence of guest experts in addition to the main team, where the experts and main team will offer an outstanding learning experience to the participants. Experts of 2020 will be from the Arab and European countries besides Georgia representing Caucasia. 2019 Qafila had the honor of Goksel Baktagir's presence performing side by side with our participants, 2020 has more surprises for you. We will announce the names of the experts to the participants upon their acceptance, in order to preserve the privacy of Al-Qafila and its surprises.

In addition to musical experiences, new peace and tranquility related experiences will be part of the program. Al-Qafila will offer outdoor yoga, meditation, climbing and such activities through the caravan to further integrate the participants and create a new family for 2020 on the one hand and emphasize the importance of inner peace and connectivity to the land. 

The call; Timeline and important practical information 

Call for participation open:   January 21th, 2020  (Primary participants).

Applications Final Deadline: February 5th, 2020. 23:59 PM Berlin Time

Letters of Acceptance will be sent out by the end of February

Participants are expected to start booking their international flights after having received their acceptance letter, in addition, participants are expected to organize for their work/studies related matters and if needed permissions and/or leaves. 

Additional calls: 

Al-Qafila gives itself the right to make an additional call in case of getting more funds. But until now there is nothing to announce. 

Who can apply?

  • All artists in the world, with proof of their artwork. proof can be a certificate from an artistic organization, pictures, videos, etc. Al-Qafila team may request additional documents while assessing your application.​

  •  All types of art include (Singing – Music –  Choir Singing  – Visual arts – Theater – Dancing – Cooking – crafts – Painting – Sculpture, etc. ). Literature is considered as part of the art as well, so we encourage all poets, writers to apply.  In addition, architects who have innovative ideas may also apply.  We very much encourage innovation and out of the box artistic ideas, so don't be reluctant and apply if you have one. 

  • You have to be 18 and above, other than that, the sky is the limit.​​

  • Participants from all over the world, and with any and all artistic backgrounds are welcome to apply.

  • You have to be a person who accepts and respects people regardless of their different nationalities, colors, religions, genders, views or such. 


Preparations for Al-Qafila and Important Dates

If you get accepted in Al-qafila (Prometheus 2020),  You will be obliged to attend preparatory classes/sessions as follows:

- Qafila class/session every second Thursday of each month, in the evening. Exact times and dates to be communicated later with the final participants. 

- Al- Qafila will be between the 21st and 30th of May, which means you have to ensure being in Germany no later than May 20th. 

How to Apply? 

  1. Read all the information about Prometheus Qafila and the Dates above. 

  2. Sign up and register free of charge on our website. You can only apply after being a member of the website. 

  3. Find the 'Apply' button on our website, which will redirect you to the application form. 

  4. Don't forget to add your name for any suitable scholarship you find in the form. 

  5. After filling the application, make sure to pay the registration fees (59 Euro) one time - nonrefundable. Applications that have not completed the registration fee's process will not be processed and will be considered ineligible. 

  6. Once the application is complete, it will be forwarded to the Jury in which will process the applications and ensure they match the selection criteria.


The jury:

 After submitting your application and paying the fees, your application will be sent to Al-Qafila Jury 2020.

Your application will be graded by Al-Qafila main team and additional secret expert. Choosing the expert will be depending on the type of art you are applying to. The grading will depend on the quality of the application and the experience.

 In case you didn’t pass the requested grade, you will be informed officially. The administration fees for this year will be refunded in this case. (Except, in case of not proving the artistic activity).

Al-Qafila main team will contact all participants when the Jury finalizes the list of accepted participants for Prometheus Qafila. 

The decision:

The selected participants will be informed within the second week of February and the decision of there scholarship will be sent as well at the same time. We are going as well to inform the nonaccepted participant. 

Tuitions if you get accepted

In Al-Qafila  - Prometheus 2020, we are focusing on the Professional to semi-professional artists, although we do not mind to give the new artists the opportunity to join and develop skills.
The tuitions to join Al-Qafila 2020 is  669 Euro. However, you can apply for our scholarships. Al-Qafila with its partners provided more than 12000 Euro in 2019 and will continue supporting the amazing musicians as much as we can. 

Please .. Submit the scholarship request immediately with your request so we can have it processed sufficiently. 

How to pay? 

You will get all the instructions by email. You need to specify whether you can pay directly or in installments. 

Scholarships decision

After accepting your application based on the artistic level, we will send your application to the scholarship committee where the decision of the scholarship will be taken. You should get the decision of your scholarship within 3 to 7 days from your acceptance letter. Please, keep in mind that scholarships will be deducted from the tuition only. 


Visa tends to take a long time. Therefore, please make sure to apply for your visa as soon as you get your supporting documents. It is your responsibility to apply insufficient time and provide the needed documents. In case you apply too late, you risk a rejection of your visa registration!

Please contact the embassy of the host country to get detailed information about what restrictions and regulations apply to you!

Please keep also in mind that you might need transit visas, depending on your itinerary to the First country in Al-Qafila program.

If you do not have a valid passport yet, please apply for one immediately and those who have passports in which are valid for less than 6 months are advised to issue new ones as well. 

Participants of some countries need an invitation letter as well as a stamped list of participants to apply for a visa. Al-Qafila e.V. we`ll issue these documents in addition to all the travel plans and reservations. 

Important Information
Al-qafila e.V. can issue the invitation letter for the duration of the event and can stamp it to apply for visas only if you have fulfilled all the following conditions:

  1. You have successfully applied for Al-qafila (Promethues 2020 ), paid the registration fees, and got accepted. 

  2. You have paid the down payment for your participation (50%) of your total amount.

  3. If you decided to pay in installments, you will still get the invitation letter after achieving a minimum of 50% But don't worry that will be for sure 45 days before travel.  

  4. you have to fill your passport details clearly with no mistakes (no handwriting!)

As soon as you have complied with those three conditions we will send the invitation letter including the confirmed list of participants by email and the original documents by airmail directly. This person shall bring the documents to the embassy personally.

We assume no liability regarding the application and granting for visas. We do not offer this service but we gladly assist you when you apply for visa at the respective embassy in your country.

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