How to Apply? 


The process:


  1. Check all of these: Calls - Who can apply? and Tuitions before you apply.  

  2. It will be a good idea, to check our last Qafilas as well. 

  3. Apply here.

  4. Pay 60 Euro “the administration tuition “  and send the receipt to The easiest way to pay is to transfer the 60 Euro by PayPal to Another possibility is to transfer to


Account owner: ALAALDIN   ALTAIBA

Bank name: ARAB  BANK

Branch name: SHMESANI - 0118

IBAN:  JO38 ARAB 1180 0000 0011 8294 8516 00

Swift code:  ARABJOAX100


Also, you can transfer your fees by western union . For more details, please contact send to 

FOR APPLICANTS FROM JORDAN : You can deposit the amount direct in any of Arab Back Branches. The reason for the deposit should be (  traveling and concert together) 


     5. You will get receive confirmation to receive your application, only after once we                receive receiving the payment and your email including the payment receipt. No                application will go to the jury without the payment.


The jury:


  •  After submitting your application and paying the fees, your application will be sent to Al-Qafila main board 2019.

  • Your application will be graded by Al-Qafila main team and additional secret expert. Choosing the expert will be depending on the type of art you are applying to. The grading will depend on the quality of the application and the experience.

  •  In case you did n’t pass the requested grade, you will be informed officially. The administration fees for this year will be refunded in this case. (Except, in case of not proving the artistic activity).

  • In case of acceptance, you will be congratulated by the main team of Al-Qafilathe main team of Al-Qafila will congratulate you. And then here you reserve your seat for the WARM FROST Qafila.