After accepting? The conditions are !!!


  • Our expert will contact you to make sure that we get an acknowledge about your level and what are you planning to perform with us.

  • You will get free access to your account in in case you are a singer or musician. With this account, you can watch for free all videos which videos, which can help you to develop improve your skills.

  • You will be requested asked to send a copy of your passport (valid until 10.3.2020 minimum). When you send it, our main team will start the process to issue your invitations for Al-Qafila. You will only get the official invitations 4 months before the travel 4 months traveling.. ButHowever, you will get a clear confirming letter for your participation.

  • Your expert will start to send you to have one monthly conference call. In this call, you will talk with your Qafila mates, discuss and have answers to your questions from your expert. Your expert will be contacting you once monthly through a conference call in which you will also be talking with other participants to discuss and have answers to your questions.

  • By leaps and bounds, you will get your invoice from our finance office. Your total fees will be divided into almost equal monthly payments. The candidate can decide if he would like to pay one time at once at in the beginning or send his parts as we requested. The amount will be the same in case of the direct payment or payment in installments. We do only do that, to help the applicants so they can arrange their payments easier. We can’t accept delayed payment since we use these payments to book your accommodation and interrail internal transportation during Al-Qafila. The candidates will get an email with all payment’s details.

  • Participants are requested to send new videos for their preparation to their expert every 2 months. We do appreciate the applicant’s collaboration in this part since we would love to do a lovely tour with great music and different types of arts.


The final presentation videos


On 1.7.2019, all participants will be asked from there experts to prepare videos, showing all your preparation to Al-Qafila.

The videos should show their pieces (music, sons, painting … etc). Each case will have a different requirement. That depends on the type of art you do.

The video will help the experts to get to know your level before we meet. In this case, it will help us to drive the workshop much nice smoothly.

The videos will affect positively or negatively your participation in the concerts. SO BE READY TO MAKE GREAT VIDEOS

Al-Qafila conditions

- The participants need to show their commitment to the project by attending the monthly online meetings and uploading their preparation videos. 

- The participants need to be sure that the reason for there trip is to participate in Al-Qafila and the priority during the project (especially during the trip) should be given to the project. 

- Application is accepting all Al-Qafila conditions by submitting their applications. These conditions include attending Al-Qafila meetings, uploading videos and do the right action to be ready to participate in Al-Qafila. 

- Al-Qafila gives itself all the rights to take the appropriate actions against participants who don't follow Al-Qafila instructions. That might include warning emails and some fines will be added to there registration fees. 

- Al-Qafila gives itself the right to cancel the participation for those who don't show the right commitment.  The right commitment includes attending the online meetings, submitting the requested practicing videos, showing respect to all the team and participants. The right commitment includes also transfer the tuition on time.  

Withdraw and cancellation

Al-Qafila understands that some plans might change for some participants and they will not be able to continue. In this case, Al-Qafila will stop there registration and no more tuitions will be requested.

However, no refund will be paid for any previous payments. The reason for that: Al-Qafila is designed for team bookings. Which means: All reservation will be planed for the whole team together and all flights or travel tickets will be paid at the cheapest nonrefundable prices. We advise always to check your plans in advance before applying the project.