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Flower of the cities 20178

Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy "  


What is the Alps trip?


Group of selected singers and musicians conducted by the singer Rebal Alkhodari has traveled in August 2017, to meet "Sarband" in Germany conducted by Dr. Vladimir Ivanoff. The meeting was in Germany for a few days where the group prepared and rehearsed the program, and then the program has been transferred to Switzerland, France, and Italy.   

The artistic program (The Convoy 2) was mostly choir songs since most participants were from Amaan choir.  The program was focusing on the Middle East heritage songs, reflecting on how different cultures communicated through traveling. 



  • Transfer the peace culture and  Arabic culture through music and handicrafts.   

  • Promote the touristic places in Jordan.   

  • The convoy will focus on music communication, where the group of singers and musicians will exchange their music with others to richen their music background and to create a new touristic purpose which is music communication. 

Participants in the 2nd Qafila : 

The 2nd Qafila was a singing one. Most of the participants where singers from " Amaan choir " in Jordan :

Duha Alzghol  "Alto"

Haya Qamhia "Soprano"

Mohamad Sounoqrot  "Bass"

Hashem Hatahet " Tenor"

Nada Jwehan "Alto"

Yara Juban "Soprano"

Muntaser Aladwan "Bass"

Mohamad Abudouha " Bass"

Hatem Alghawanme " Bass"

Mohamad Sukar " Tenor"

Bahaa Abu zen Aldeen "Bass"

Mayyadah Almasri "Alto"

Alaa Hammad "Soprano"

Dara Zagha " Soprano "

Nadeen Zagha " Alto " 

Ayman Abu Jerad " Tenor" 

Islam Jaran " Violin" 

Saja Alhamaide " Soprano"

Muneeb Kazkaz "Bass"

Omar Khayyat " Tenor"

Jihad Abualia "Photographer" 

Mazen Abdo "Oud"

Majeed Ghanma " Percussion " 

Hamza Alsoudi " Cultural participant" 

Mahmoud Soufan " Bass" 

Aseel Hamdan " Alto" 

Arwa Altaiba " Cooking chef"


The Experts in this Qafila : 


  •  Rebal Alkhodari - Syria

(Singing coach and general director" 

  • Vladimir Ivanoff - Germany

" Saraband founder - Grammy-nominated"  

  • Sissy Thamer - Germany 

" Director of Bayreuth young festival" 

  • Ran Xia - China

( Director of the traditional

chinese ensemble in Beijing). 

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