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The Cultural Convoy

When the Orient meets Occident

Al-Qafila 2020

"Humanity comes first"

The official radio in Iceland RUV has broadcasted the last concert of Al-Qafila 2019 (Leo Africanus). Al-Qafila partecipatns has great chance to visit Iceland and perform in Fríkirkjan í Reykjavík . Listen now the whole concert exclusivly on RUV website here

Leo Africanus on the Icelandic radio!

In 2020, we will have two great Qafila projects; Prometheus and Rumi. Together, we will exceptionally create artistic work with the vision of Humanity coming first. The journey will definitely include a tour to promote our vision and message!

Check our Qafila projects for 2020  here and apply after signing up. 

leo africanus



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